Top Reasons Of Fat Growing

Why We Get Fat. Because We Are Force Foods And Not Worrying About Stomach And Not Doing Any Exercise To Burn The Calories. The Total Fat Growing Is Coming From Calories. If We Do Exercise After Any Food Then Our Calories Will Burn And Fat Will Stop Growing Other Way Is This. Use Healthy Foods And If You Already Fat Then You Have To Eat Minimum Food. Drink Orange Juice Because It Is Specially Burning Fat And Freshly Vitamins Which Is Good For Your Body Skin.The Top Reasons Of Fat Growing Are These.

Reasons Of Fat: 

  1. Eating More Then, We Need In Our Body.
  2. Sitting All Day In Place Like A Lazy Human
  3. Not Doing Any Exercise And Walking To Crush Foods In Stomach.
  4. Eating Sweets More And More. Sweets Are Increasing Calories And Fats Which Is Not Healthy For Our Body In High Amount.
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Best Fruits For Weight Loss:

  1. Avocado Have Omega 6 Acids And This Same Acid Found In Olive Oil And Olives) Avocados Is Fast Conversion Fat into Energy And Boost The Metabolism
  2. Coconut Is Rich With Chain Triglycerides (MCFAs) Which Is Increase The Livers Metabolish Rate By Up To 30%. Coconut Oil Is Frequently Aids The Function Of Thyroid Gland.
  3. Lemon Is Very Important For Liver Detoxifies Also Alkalize Our Body. It Seem Acidic Based On Taste The Process Of Being Metabolized By The Body.

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