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Now a days obesity has become a major disease not only in USA but all over the world. Obesity is a type of disease which occurs when the quantity of fat increases on our body which causes a lot of negative effects on our body. It may increases the chances of diabetes, heart attack, obstructive sleep neap, certain types of cancer, and osteoarthritis. In these circumstances weight loss simulator becomes extremely important.  

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The reasons of obesity can be many including junk food, lack of exercises, and lack of balanced diet. First of all we’ll talk about the lack of energy, for a healthy life the amount of energy taken in must be that amount of energy taken out. Energy in is the amount of energy which we get from food, vegetables, drinks or any other thing which give you calories. Energy out is the thing which is released when we perform any action like breathing, digesting and exercising.

Weight loss simulator means a process which discuses certain tip how to lose your weight. The tips of weight loosing are mentioned below;

1.         Exercising:

The first tip of weight loss simulator is exercising. Exercise helps you to lose weight. If you do exercise every day in a month you will see the difference in your weight. It can be walking, yoga, swimming, jogging, aerobics etc. The main benefit of exercising is it burns extra calories of yours which were stored in your fat pockets making you look obese.

2.         Dieting:

The second tip of weight loss simulator is dieting. It helps us to lose weight drastically. If you control on yourself only a month from junk food and cold drinks you will see the difference on your weight in only a month. Vegetables and fresh juices are very important for health and can reduce your weight outstanding. Balance Diet is the best habit to lose weight. It means that you should take every type of food in your diet which includes Vegetables, juices and fruits as well.

3.         Calculating BMI:

BMI is the standard measure of your health. It is a very good tool to measure your smartness you just put your height and weight and it will exactly tell you whether you are obsessed, normal, slim or smart. Calculating BMI every day is the best tip as it will let you know that you are fat, smart or slim. It also helps you to control your weight. And this makes it the third most important technique for Weight loss Simulator.

4.         Proper Sleep:

Proper sleep is major tip of weight loss simulator. If we take proper sleep so we can save ourselves from diseases. If we don’t have any disease so we don’t need to take medicines as medicines increases our weight. Proper sleep helps us to do work whole day from fresh brain.
These are just the few tips for losing weight. However, Weight Lose Simulator is a tool that you can always edit and apply to yourself as new research is been continuously going through in this field. 

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