Fasting for Weight Loss - Healthy Weight Loss & Dieting Tips

The modern world has embraced weight loss as a new religion. Weight loss is definitely good for a person if they want to avoid the numerous diseases spread all over the world but along with that it has become absolutely necessary to lose weight to survive in the society. So to accomplish that different methods keep on popping on the internet to lose weight. Some of the methods such as the magic pill for weight loss seem very impractical but that does not mean that all methods are the same. Some new methods like "Fasting for Weight Loss" are quite effective and easy to follow.

Fasting has been practiced by people due to religious reasons but in the current times the practice of fasting for weight loss has emerged. According to some nutritionists fasting for weight loss is quite effective because it requires a person to reduce the amount of calorie intake which affects the overall weight of a person. In other words fasting for weight loss is also starvation because very limited amount of calories have to be taken. Fasting for weight loss has been proven to be successful in reducing weight by some nutritionists who further have introduced some forms of diets. One such diet regarding fasting for weight loss is called a 5:2 diet. This 5:2 diet encourages people to eat whatever they want to eat for 5 days but consume normal amount of calories and then fast for 2 days by reducing the calorie intake to about 500 calories. This fasting for weight loss diet seems to kick start the metabolism by first taking in normal amount of calories and then suddenly for 2 days drastically reducing the calorie intake, in other words it jump starts the engine of the body. According to some nutritionists this diet is quite effective but some believe that more human based research should be done.

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Fasting for weight loss generally means eating very less quantity of food which would definitely help in weight reduction but it is not entirely considered harmless. There are advantages and disadvantages of everything and similarly there are pros and cons of fasting for weight loss. Fasting promotes weight loss but it does not necessarily mean that the body fat is reducing it can also be the water weight of the body being reduced. Reduction in water weight also causes the body to lose some weight on the scales but not exactly in fats. So ultimately the weight lost through fasting can be gained again and some people put on more weight than the weight they lost. Fasting for weight loss can be dangerous for a person if they practice it for a prolonged time because it might cause some deficiencies in the body. The body may be deprived of some essential nutrients which would definitely cause health problems.

Fasting for weight loss might paint a better picture but before trying anything out their benefits and disadvantages should be taken into consideration.


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