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Weight loss is a billion dollar industry. It's an industry full of empty promises, where everyone promises that their product is the one product that can help you finally lose weight quickly. I have to ask, if their products are so great, why are people still overweight? Why do we have a childhood obesity, diabetes and hypertension epidemic?

The truth is that there aren't any shortcuts to lose body fat. Perhaps liposuction is a shortcut but who really wants to go through surgery? I'm willing to bet that people who have liposuction often gain the weight back.

When it comes to weight loss and life, you should try to get things right the first time. What I mean by this is, you should ignore the promises and gimmicks and focus on the core principles of weight loss and you should use the healthy foods to eat in your daily routine life. Dissect what actually allows a person to lose weight and to only focus on those things.

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So, before we talk about what works, let’s focus on what doesn't work. We are doing this so that you can throw all these concepts into you mental waste basket.

Here's what doesn't work:

(1)Crash and starvation diets don't work

(2)Spot reduction doesn't work (Try to lose fat in one area of the body)

(3)Extreme workouts don't work

So what really works? The basics work, diet and exercise.

Diet is more important than exercise! It is a FACT that what you eat has a greater impact on your body fat than how much you exercise. A person can always out eat their exercise efforts. A workout that burned 1000 calories can easily be nullified by eating the wrong foods.

We need to get over the whole idea that we will eat a bad meal and then exercise to equal things out. We have to use that food which has a lot of vitamins for weight loss. You have to timely health foods for losing fat. If you don’t eat healthy food and you won’t be do any physical exercise. It doesn't work!

The one method of dieting that works is volumetric. Volumetric is a diet created by a dietitian who has found that the key to losing weight/fat is getting full from eating fewer calories. The problem we have with the modern diet is that it is high calorie and people find it impossible to get full, so they keep on eating and eating.

The original volumetric is about eating high fiber foods like vegetables and grains. I have changed it so that it uses less grain and more vegetables.

When you eat like this you stay full all day from eating healthy foods. My basic diet consists of eating lean cuts of meat like chicken breast and mixing it with an extra large portion of vegetables, eating like this has been the first time that I have been able to get full without stuffing my face with unhealthy food.

Exercise? You need it. The body is made to move. If your diet is in check all you need to do is stay active. Get out of your chair and do anything that will keep you on your feet for at least an hour a day.

As you can see, the natural way to lose weight is the easy way. If you like tips so don’t forget to share with your friends at Social Media.

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