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Weight loss is easy but I made it so hard. I was a fool to think that weight loss could be bought. Well, I do suppose, weight loss can be bought via liposuction but that is a short lived procedure. The way that I tried to buy weight loss is purchasing special powders, shakes, pills, workout videos and exercise machines. I have probably spent over $5000 on things that are supposed to make you skinny. Somehow I gained weight. I should be entitled to a full return. The truth of the matter is that weight loss is easy but it is far from simple.

Weight loss is easy because we understand all the metrics of weight loss; it is a mathematically solved question. You determine how many calories your body requires to survive and your energy usage and you either eat exactly that amount of calories or allow exercise to do the rest of the work or you eat lower than your basal metabolic rate and lose weight via diet. Easy!

At least it is easy when you type it out. The day to day struggles of staying on track and the emotional pull of sugary fattening foods is strong. It is a tough battle for anyone to face and many fail. When it comes to things like weight loss I like to focus on the people who have successfully lost weight, what did they do and can  I copy it. One thing that they all do is pick a diet that they can keep. This means no crash diets or something that is almost impossible to consistently do. Most just use portion control or they replace their diet to a low calorie one that keeps them full. Diet is the most important part of weight loss but you don't have to over think it. Simply pick a diet that you can keep.

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On exercise: Exercise is actually a new phenomenon. It is something that was never talked about or performed until humans started working sedentary jobs. Before, everyone worked physical jobs and stayed active. Children played outside and didn't play on computers every day. It is a fact that diet is more important that exercise. My advice it takes 30 minutes to work your body as hard as possible. Raise your heartbeat and do something anything at maximum effort. This is the only exercise you need. Your diet will take care of the rest.

As you can see, losing weight is easy; losing weight is hard. It really depends on how you approach it. If you approach it from a common sense perspective then it will be easy. Focus more on diet than anything.

A healthy diet will naturally keep you then and will keep you healthy well into old age. Exercise is important but you don't have to become a gym rat. Just 30 minutes of very intense exercise a day i all you need to keep you heart healthy and your blood circulating properly.


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